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Why chose us? The answer is simple: Ease of use, cost effectiveness and support. It is typical for people looking into CourseForce to become near experts with our system prior to their purchasing decision. Add to that our hands-on approach and personalized service when it comes to data integration, and we quietly emerge as a feel-good solution for those looking for a training management partner.

We have developed the easiest approach to drive training requirements for your people, and have all the features to help you manage any variations affecting employee training compliance. Our customers came to us looking for a way to help them better organize their training - often after years of doing it on their own with unsupported in-house database solutions or a host of Excel spreadsheets. CourseForce training tracking software is designed for organizations looking for an effective way to track and manage the training they provide.

Standard Application

The standard CourseForce application provides everything training administers need to track and manage training for any organization. The pricing is structured such that you can add as many administrative users as you need and incur no additional costs. Plus, for multi-divisional organizations, users can be assigned to manage training only for people configured under that division. Everyone shares the same position, resource and course lists - you can easily standardize your training efforts across small and large companies alike.

Training requirements are managed by configuring lists of required courses by job position. These positions are then assigned to individuals, thereby defining the curriculum. People can change positions and move throughout the company over time and their training history always stays with them.

The CourseForce® report generator allows you to query your training data using customizable selection criteria. This powerful approach combines the simplicity of standard reporting with the ability to drill down to the information you require.

The Supervisor Portal

In some cases, training administrators may wish to enlist the help of supervisors in managing the overall training effort. The supervisor portal was designed to meet this need, by giving supervisors the ability to manage the training of people that report to them. Supervisors can view selected reports and adjust training dates to ensure daily operations are not jeopardized by training assignments.

  • View selected reports for the people they manage.
  • View Open Course Sessions
  • Add/Remove Subordinates To/From Course Sessions
  • Manage Employee Training Requests (requires the Employee Portal)
  • Print Open Session and Training History Reports

The Employee Portal (optional)

The employee portal is an option designed to give employees the ability to facilitate and monitor their own training.

  • Make Training Requests
    • View the entire company course list.
    • Request required courses, courses of interest and even training outside of the curriculum
  • Submit Course Evaluations/Surveys
  • Review scheduled course sessions and a library of courses to make training requests
  • Take On-Line Exams (optional)
  • View and Print Historical Training Information

User Groups

CourseForce offers several different levels of access to the application making it useful for small companies and those with multiple divisions.

  1. Admin – complete access to the entire application.
  2. Full (All Divisions) – same access as admin users but cannot manage users or top-level company configuration lists.
  3. Full (Specific Division) - same access as admin users but cannot manage users list and can only work within a specific division.
  4. Leader – have access to reporting information about their assigned subordinates, and they can add and remove subordinates from open course sessions or approve an employee’s request for training.
  5. Employee – can make course requests and respond to requests from their supervisor and training administrators.
  6. OJT Trainer – The On-The-Job trainer is a user that has the ability to verify that employees have had their training and can record this fact. Their user name acts as an electronic signature, so you can know who provided the employee training verification.

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Custom Support & Integration Services

Beyond our standard offerings, we also provide consulting and development services to address any additional requirements you may have. Services typically fall under one of the following categories:

We are here to help. So, regardless of the employee training management installation option you choose, our commitment is to ensure your CourseForce implementation goes smoothly. Experience why CourseForce is the best software to manage training by contacting us about our employee training management solutions today!

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Our CourseForce LMS is training tracker software for training administrators looking for a simple, cost-effective and powerful system for training tracking and employee training management.

Our customers are manufacturers, government facilities, financial institutions and health care providers. Inquire now to learn more about how CourseForce can help you and your organization with our training management solution! 

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