Employee Training Tracking Made Easy

Our employee training tracking software can greatly improve how you manage and schedule employee training!

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All the Tools You Need…


Keep track of what training is required, for whom and when


Automatically notify employees of course sessions; email training reports directly from the application

Detailed Reporting

Complete visibility into your employees training records

Employee Management

Manage lists of users and their access rights with ease

Key Features

  • Easy navigation for quick access to key features
  • Search on multiple fields
  • System provides analytics and reporting for employees, courses, sessions, budgets etc
  • Easy to view high level information for current items

Focus on Training, not Tracking

It’s Simple

No more Excel spreadsheets or misplaced files

Take the “guess work” out of compliance evaluation

Extract training information by employee, position, division, department or date range

Great for managing budgets

It’s Accurate

Everyone shares up-to-date information

You’ll never loose your training information

Eliminate redundant data entry

It’s Cost Effective

Up and running within one business day

It’s Secure & Accessible

Secure cloud-based solution

Access it from anywhere, anytime

99.99% uptime commitment

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