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Courseforce® Training Tracking Software is a web-based application designed for organizations that need a simple, reliable, and effective means of managing their employee’s training.

The power behind our CourseForce application is it’s ability to achieve an inter-relational structure of data and then translate that data into a straightforward way to manage employee training requirements, material and costs.

This document outlines the functionality of Courseforce. It is a useful instruction and support reference when using the application.
For best results, the Courseforce application should be open while following along with the information & instruction contained in this document when first using the application. Cross-referencing and opening/viewing the functions with the information covered here will help enforce the absorption of the knowledge gained.

The Courseforce application is designed to be intuitive. It ties together Employee, Training, Resource, Position and Course information in a way that allows concise reporting. The reports are an excellent tool with which to control information, time and cost management of required and optional training.
Check out the overview – Getting Started – to get acquainted with the key areas.

When you are getting started it may seem that adding employees would be a natural choice for entering data however, each employee must be assigned to a company AND a division of that company, which means that this data must first exist.
Check out the help post here to Set up Divisions and Departments.

Adding employee information is quick and intuitive. Inside of the Employee structure are the options to Add or Update an Employee’s information , Update an Employee’s training record or Set-up and Manage an Employee’s access to the Employee portal.

Resources are training providers. Inside of the Resource structure there are options for Adding Resources or Updating Resources. The structure allows multiple providers (Resources) of the same Course i.e. WHMIS training or Health and Safety Training and multiple Courses to be provided by the same Resource. Additionally multiple trainers and other contacts may exist inside of each Resource. The Resource section allows notes to be kept, ratings to be applied and sessions to be added.

Courses are the name and description of the training requirements that will be automatically or optionally assigned to Positions. Inside of the Courses structure are the options to Add, Manage and Update Courses, Add, Manage and Update Categories assigned to Courses or even Merge several existing Courses into a single Course when necessary.

Positions are basically job titles. Inside of the Positions structure specific Courses are assigned to specific Positions. This is done to ensure that the training for all positions is consistent, evolving and verifiable, regardless of the person holding the position. Optional training may be chosen by an Employee. When this happens the training is not tied to that Employee’s position but rather their Employee’s identification. Positions and their resulting Course requirements are set inside of 2 structures The Position list and The Position Course list.

Sessions are occurrences of Courses. Inside of the Sessions structure are the options to track training costs, monitor student evaluations and sending out automatic email reminders to Employees containing training information regarding Sessions of Courses assigned to them.

The Sessions environment allows the addition of Courses to the Session List and the assignment of Students to new and existing Sessions.

The Report Generator is an intuitive tool. Choosing options in the Report Generator lets you see data compiled by parameters of your choosing or lets you export that data into an Excel spreadsheet.