Courses: Merging

This section covers how and when to merge courses in the application.

It may seem efficient, at some point, to merge two courses into one, if or when these two courses are virtually identical. This should be done with caution because when courses are merged, all occurrences of the one course will be changed to the other course. All previous course assignments for sessions and resources will be maintained, however the course name will be changed and the redundant course entry will be deleted.

To start choose Courses from the home page.

This will open the Course list. On the top black ribbon of the header are the choices Add Course or Merge Courses. Choose Merge Courses.

Merge Courses form

The Merge Courses form will open. Choose “From Course” name and “To Course” name and choose OK. A confirmation text will pop up asking if “you are sure” you want to make this change. Keep in mind the redundant course will be deleted. Choose OK when certain.

Courses merged confirmation

After choosing OK from the merge courses confirmation pop-up message, a message confirming the courses have been merged will appear in front of a new blank Merge Courses form.