Courses: Categories

This section explains the purpose of Course Categories and how they should be used.

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The Courseforce application comes with a preloaded list of categories.

The category list provides 50 definable groups (A-AX) to categorize courses. These categories are used to group training information in each of the matrix reports.

As an example, Category A can be designated as ‘Orientation’ for courses required by new employees. The Due Days entry is used to manage course deadlines; by assigning a due days value of 14 to Category A, the matrix report will display the due date for courses in Category A = Effective Date + 14 days. This defines the requirement as semi-immediate.

When a Course is added, a category must be assigned to it in order for the course information to be included in any report. It is possible to add a course without any information but the name. The course may be updated through the course list at any time.

*Note: Only an Admin user has access to add, modify or update Course Categories

Creating a new Category description

From the home page choose Courses. From the Course List click on any course to open the Course Update option.

Course category order of operations
Follow this diagram to set up a new course category.

All categories require a Due Date value to ensure the integrity of reporting. The value assigned to the Due Days states the number of days required to complete a course after it has been assigned with this category. To ensure that a course which is immediately necessary upon hiring the due days of the category set up or chosen would be 0. If the hire date or the effective date of a newly set up employee is left blank, all courses assigned to their position will be shown as immediately required.

Alternatively the Course List can be reached through the Company Update page. It is available in the black ribbon above the blue header.