Employee: Update Information

This section covers how to update an Employee information in the system

From time to time, an existing employee will be given a new position, receive a new supervisor, have their pay type changed, change their name etc.. When this happens the employee’s information record will need to be updated.

To update an employee’s information record, return to the employee list to choose the employee. All company employees are listed below the header. The employee must be chosen from the list below the header in order to reach options which allow updating information for that employee. Use the filter options in the header of the Employee List to help narrow the list of employees or, if you know the employee’s number, enter it into the Employee box to bring only that employee to list.

Updating an employee's information
Use the header filtering options to find and update an Employee

In the event that too many filters have been chosen, leaving no employees on the list, click the Clear button beside the Apply Filters button, then click the Apply Filters button and the the options will return to nil. Attempt to filter again using fewer options.

Below is a diagram of a list of existing employees filtered by Position, narrowing the options from 249 choices to 4.

Using the filtering options efficiently
How to use the filtering options efficiently

From the list of filtered employees, click on the employee whose record requires updated information. This will open the Employee Update screen. Use the header in this screen to update the employee’s new information. Any field with a little arrow will present a list of existing options. Company policy will dictate when and if the hire date should be changed. When the information has been updated, click on the Add Employee button to save the record. If the return button is clicked before the employee is added, all information in this record will be lost.

The Employee update form
Use the Employee update form to see course information and make changes to the Employee’s information